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Our Story


When we first started Babes & Bands we had the community aspect in mind. We focus on how we can elevate and motivate each other to get healthy, stay healthy, stand up for what you believe in and live every day to the fullest. 

Staying healthy and being the best version of yourself takes self-motivation and sometimes you need that extra push. That is what we are here for! Through determination and never giving up the smallest lifestyle changes can have a huge impact. 

Everyone has their vision of success. Don’t stop until that vision comes true.

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Our product line was designed around providing women fitness solutions and apparel that are carefully thought-out.


From the moment you receive our product we strive the make the experience memorable. If it is the warmth of our selected color palette or the comfort of the material chosen, we are determined for you to be as proud owning each piece from our collection as we are creating them.

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Staying true to who we are will always be essential in everything we do. This is the primary driver for our existence and we are committed to have them remain a key driver as we grow together. 


There is no place for negativity. We are here to encourage one another.


If it was easy everyone would do it. Instead of shying away from challenges we embrace it.


We do strive for quality, however, owning a piece from our collection needs to be attainable.


We are overwhelmed by the response and promise to do our best to be present for everyone.

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Our Promise

We promise to support and believe in everyone who bets on themselves to achieve their own vision of success.


We take a tremendous amount of pride in our work at Babes & Bands. Through hard work we quickly realized it only takes one individual to make a difference, however, collectively we can do so much more


It is part of our fundamental belief to give back where we can. As a result, there are two causes that we actively support that matter deeply to us. 

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Breast Cancer Awareness


Breast cancer continues to touch so many lives in Canada and the US. It is our commitment to ensure we take the opportunities to support these causes throughout the year. As a result, we donate a portion of proceeds to support the fight against Breast Cancer.

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Women Entrepreneurship

Featured Post

Equality & diversity in the workplace is essential for society. So many women are hardworking, passionate, and driven to make a difference. Anyone can achieve anything they set their mind regardless of their race, age, or gender.  This is the essence of what we are all about. Please follow our blog to hear the stories of so many inspiring women who have embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship.


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